Removing The Stress From Property Investing

There’s a leak in the roof, and you just found out from your tenant, the tenants are late on rent (again), the hot water cylinder just went out, and somehow, you’re still not making any money on your rental property. This isn’t at all what you imagined when you decided to invest in a rental property!

Managing rental property on your own can be a daunting task. While they’re a great investment, rental properties can often be a pain in the neck.
You may run into issues when:
  • Finding the right tenant, and ensuring that they keep to their obligations
  • Deciding on rental prices to ensure you’re getting the maximum return on your investment
  • Making necessary renovations and repairs, and maintaining the property
  • Dealing with tenants and collecting rent on time
  • Attending tenancy tribunal hearing and knowing what evidence the Tenancy Tribunal requires and be confident with the Residential Tenancies Act

Kingdom Home Can Help!

Our service includes:
  • Advice and support throughout the buying process, from professional Auckland property management advice to help you to obtain loan for the purchase of the property
  • Marketing and setting your rental prices, for the maximum yield on your property
  • Experienced property managers who ensure your property is always well maintained
  • Accurate record keeping of your all matters related to your rental property for your tax return and when challenged in Tenancy Tribunal
  • Flexible fee plans, with fixed and percentage fee options to help you to maximize your rental return
  • Renovation guidance and access to tradesmen, contractors, suppliers and vendors
  • A savvy investor knows that with the right mortgage structure, you can save a lot of money that can be put back into your pocket or be reinvested, we offer full free mortgage advice to all our clients as well as helping them to strategize their next purchase

Get Your First Month Free and start putting money into your back pocket.
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